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Give Your Tongue Super Powers

Naturally sweeten food with this zero-calorie alternative. Enjoy healthy fruits and veggie "green" shakes that typically don't taste delicious on their own. Host parties with your friends and family to try foods that aren't regularly eaten, such as raw lemons and limes, vinegar, hot sauce...

The miracle fruit or “synsepalum dulcificum” is a rare tropical berry native to West Africa that is known for its ability to alter our perception of sour as sweet through the magical glycoprotein: miraculin! Traditionally it’s been used to sweeten palm wine and soured cornbread. But due to its high perishability and cost to transport, the miracle fruit is one of the most expensive fruits in the world. Our technology safely increases its shelf time and reduces cost, bringing an exotic experience straight to your kitchen!

Embark on a new healthier lifestyle today with the use of miracle fruit tablets! Use the mberry to reduce your sugar intake and eat more natural, healthier foods. Learn more about how you can benefit by reviewing our F.A.Q. Page.

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Miracle Berry Tablets
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Experience Food for the First Time... Once Again

No tricks. No weirdness. No side effects. Just 100% natural miracle berry powder and cornstarch. (The tablets have to keep their shape somehow.) Our miracle fruit berries are grown from the ground, not whipped up in a lab--so when you take a bite of hard cheese and swear you're eating cheesecake, it's what Mother Nature intended.

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The magic of the miracle all incapsulated in a small tablet. Better yet, here's a pack of 10-Tablets to bring along with you. Share the secret of getting rid of sugar in your diet with friends or enjoy a memorable flavor-tripping party with your friends. These tablets are easy to store and handy when you need them. Overcome the sour moments with a new taste of sweetness.

Miracle Berry Tablets
10-Tablet Pack

Mberry Fruit Tablets

  • Mberry pack of 10 tablets
  • Effect lasts 15 minutes to 2 hours
  • 100% natural
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